Botticino Classico Marble Circular stone Staircase

Whincop. Surrey.

2 cantelivered stone staircase in Botticino classico marble. Circular stone staircase.

A small but superb spiral stone staircase in marble. We had the design done by others, but we did all the heavy work on a very tight schedule as the developer was himself under pressure. We manage to do the work on time and budget.

The work was done using the traditional system of hanging or cantilever staircase, each steps embedded in 100mm. Dry packing was used at first.  It was then grouted with a non shrinking mortar. Our small gantry was perfect for the job ! in 2 weeks the work was complete and clients over the moon.

The floor was in Botticino marble. The steps were aloso in Botticino, sandblasted.